5 Best High Paying Non-Technical Jobs in the IT Industry for Freshers

5 Best High Paying Non-Technical Jobs in the IT Industry for Freshers

There are lots of high paying Non Technical jobs available For Freshers ,in this article we will see about the top 5 High Paying Jobs for Freshers and its role.

Business Development Manager

Of all the lucrative non-technical positions, this one is the top choice. This Freshers Job with a high salary is offered in all IT firms. Every IT company requires business developers regardless of what their description states. To fulfill the role that involves business development, there are lots of Highest Paying Non Technical Jobs one should have a unique ability to think creatively and analyze, negotiate, and communication abilities. Your job as an executive in business development is providing information to other people regarding the products and services of the company and acting serving as a representative of the company’s current and new customers. Business Development Managers form the core of an IT business which allows it to function properly and reap rewards.

Business Analyst

To be successful in this field it is essential to have outstanding analytical skills and also the ability to predict the growth of business in the sector. Business analysts, you’ll research and evaluate the competition within the market or Jobs Near Me For Freshers in the sector of business and offer the best marketing solution, investing and attracting the appropriate audience. The profession of a business analyst is among the highest pay jobs in non-technical fields. You can earn an impressive amount of money which comes with many advantages for the business. This job entitles you to engage with clients and examine their issues and objectives. 

Human Resource Manager

Every company requires an HR manager to manage the day-to-day process and perform duties of supervision. The HR manager earns the majority of their salary and is among the most highly paid positions for non-technical employees for any IT firm in India. The Fresher Job Alert can also have more high-paying job opportunities for freshers. The HR manager is accountable for leading and overseeing the day-to-day routine tasks like interviewing and hiring employees, as well as enforcing policies of the company and coordinating the pay, leave, and other benefits. HR managers are responsible for implementing and developing strategies and initiatives in the field of human resources in conjunction with the overall business plan. He also conducts constructive and punctual performance reviews, deals with the discipline and termination of employees, and proposes incentive programs to ensure that the company retains the best talent. The Non IT Jobs List are a list that having all Non IT Jobs For Freshers.

Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for all activities associated with an initiative, making sure that the project is completed promptly of the project, and achieving the expected results. This job that is not technically oriented for newcomers can be difficult in any IT firm. Project managers’ responsibilities include the creation of a comprehensive plan for project creation, the allocation of resources, and the timely delivery of each project within the budget and scope. They must have outstanding management, business, and analytical abilities to fulfill the job. Other responsibilities include the use of appropriate methods of verification to handle the changes to the project’s schedule as well as the scope and cost monitoring project results, managing the relationship with all clients and other stakeholders, performing risk analysis, and preparing comprehensive project documentation.

Management Consultant

A management analyst, also known as a who is accountable for the execution of the projects of a company by using technical knowledge and industry knowledge, making it more profitable and competitive. To reach this goal, he suggests different strategies to alter the business’s operations and structure to increase effectiveness and maximize profits. For Freshers CV or Resume, is the most important for all those freshers to know the difference between them. The salary at the entry-level for this position is extremely expensive. When choosing a job that is not technical the management consultant concentrates on managerial functions such as inventory control, human resources, or financial restructuring in an IT firm. Other duties performed include gaining knowledge of the business needs of customers, interviewing staff of the company, reviewing details of payroll and financial statements, and giving feedback to the management of the company.


In this article we have seen a top 5 high paying jobs for freshers, we hope this article will useful for Job Seekers.

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