A Delectable Indian Feast

A Delectable Indian Feast

Dinner time in India can be a wonderful experience, with whole families coming together to sit around a table and partake of several different types of food – some savory, some sweet, some spicy, but all delicious. While sitting down for an Indian feast is amazing, and all guests are sure to enjoy it, preparing for the party can be a completely different experience. There are hundreds of thousands of delicious dishes in Indian cuisine, and often, the struggle comes from deciding what to prepare, especially if you’re not very familiar with Indian dishes. With so many wonderful options, you may want to consider using a quick bingo game to plan out your menu. Let me see in detail about a Delectable Indian Feast, all With a Round of Bingo.

Variety of food with themes

Bingo isn’t quite as archaic a game as it’s often thought to be. In fact, some years ago, when the show National Bingo Night premiered in India, it broke records for the highest television viewership ratings (TVR) for an opening night. Bingo is also becoming a rather popular game in other areas of the world, and Free Bingo Hunter, a website dedicated to cataloging bingo portals, has shown that there are now hundreds of bingo websites operating in the UK, each with its different theme and take on the classic game.

The game’s versatility has led to it being used by various different causes as well; even to promote healthy eating choices among kids. By making your own custom bingo cards, you could take the hassles away from planning out a full menu for your next Indian dinner party.

Indian plate

The nine components of an Indian meal are listed down to plan for a bingo card. The nine components are Condiments, Salad, Snacks, Raita, Dal, Curry, Rice, Mithai, and Beverages as an initial step to plan dinner. Once you have all the options listed down, use a free bingo card generator to arrange the items into two bingo cards, arranging the items so each column is dedicated to one component. Indian food is enjoyed along with starters, desserts, and beverages. Indian food is spicy and tasty with a huge variety of food. The VIP personalities like Mrs. Hillary Clinton (US Secretary of states) visited India and enjoyed the Indian food in the year July 2009. The Menu served to her was fresh tropical fruit juices, dal bukdhara, snacks (paneer tikka, tandoori aloo, murgh malai kebab, tandoori jhinga, and seekh kebab), mixed raita, Main entree, naan, and kulfi. There are so many simple recipes from India like the curd rice with pickle and the roti with Lehsun-chatni (ground garlic, salt, and pepper).

Condiments mean pickles, murabba means sweet preserves prepared with mango or bottle gourd, papad, chatni. The salad consists of onions, sliced tomatoes, sticks of mooli, sliced cucumber, wedges of limes, matchsticks fresh ginger-root, fresh green hot chili peppers with salt, ground cayenne and few drops of sirka (sugarcane vinegar) is used for the dressing. Snacks consist of deep fried foods, dry cooked kebab, and chaat. Raita is like a cold soup prepared with yogurt. Different types of raitas are onion raita, tomato raita, cucumber raita etc. Dal can be prepared with urad dhal (black beans), moong dal (green mung beans), toor dhal (pigeon-peas) and cholay (chickpeas). There are so many types of curries like the stir-fry and soupy. Some curries are also prepared as non-vegetarian curry like the goat, meat. The staple food can be rice, Naan or Roti. Sweets and desserts are of many types in South India and north India.

Plan your Dinner

Number the items from 1-5 vertically, and when you’re ready to play, roll a die and list down the dish that corresponds to the number you rolled. Rolling a six means you can choose whichever dish you want to serve. Do this for each of the components, until you have a full meal planned out!

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