Thai Recipes

Thai recipes

Thai recipes are different from Indian recipes but taste good with different names. Here we want to provide different Thai recipes to try when planning for a trip to Thailand.

Cranberry Kafir Lime Refresher

It was a delicious combination of thinly sliced loot root dusted with flour and deep fried then tossed in the sweet and sour dip. To accompany this was a refreshing Cranberry Kafir Lime Refresher.


There were four different varieties of salads in the next course. I loved the Raw Mango Salad which was made of shredded raw Thai mango in a tamarind dressing and Pomelo Salad. A Pomelo is a South Asian fruit and it was tossed with peanuts and served in a spicy Thai dressing. The other two salads were Larbkai – Minced chicken served mixed with mint leaves and roasted rice and Beans and Bamboo Shoot Salad – Juliennes of green beans, bamboo shoot black fungus and water chestnut tossed in light soy, sesame and red chili dressing.


For appetizers, we were served Grilled Prawns – Tiger prawns in black pepper sauce with some spring onions. Roast Duck – Roasted duck served with cucumber, leeks and a plum sauce. This is a house specialty and the process of making this is fascinating and tedious. This dish is truly a labor of love. Chicken Satay – Grilled chicken on bamboo skewer served with peanut sauce. And finally Crispy Morning Glory – Flour dusted, batter fried and topped with sweet chili dressing. This was a show stopper. The tempura batter fried morning glory was delicious and crisp on the outside and had an amazing crunch. Chef Rajiv let us in on a secret. He told us that to make a really good tempura batter add an egg yolk to the flour and cold water batter and you will get crispier fries.


The Laksha was a delicious combination of coconut milk and seafood broth served with noodles, egg, and shrimps. It was even better than the few Lakshas I had tasted on my trip to Singapore.

Main course

The Main Course is that we began this with the delicious Singaporean Chili Crab – the Whole piece of crab cooked (steamed and stir-fried) in homemade Singaporean chili sauce. The crab was fresh and the sauce was delicious in its sweet and sour avatar. I really loved the Chicken Rendang Curry – A rich spicy curry with the base of coconut, lemongrass, and chilies. The flavors of the different ingredients were an amazing symphony. The Sambal Beans – Long beans cooked in sambal sauce, were a new experience and were delicious. We also had Stir-fry Baby Pokchoy,

Penang Vegetable Curry – Mild Thai curry with the base of coconut, lemongrass, and turmeric.

Meegoreng Vegetable – Malaysian style wok fried noodles (mama style refined flour) tossed in light curry sauce with vegetables, Steamed Pomfret – Deboned Pomfret steamed with ginger and spring onion, served in superior soya sauce and Egg Fried Rice.

The meal was completed with an assortment of delicious desserts. The Icekachang which constitutes – shaved ice, milk, custards and fruits served with different jellies was a perfect end to the delicious meal. We were also served Black rice pudding – Sticky black rice pudding with coconut glaze and Fried ice-cream – Vanilla ice-cream, deep fried in homemade buns. So, if you are looking to eat so delicious and authentic South Asian Cuisine, look no further, head straight to Mei Kun for an amazing and memorable evening.

Pickled Cucumbers

My introduction to pickled cucumbers was through my first Subway sandwich. I was fascinated by all the layers of ingredients that were being piled up on my 6” sub and agreed to add all the different fresh and pickled ingredients they had to offer. My first bit into the sub sent me to a crunchy, gooey heaven of goodness. Then I decided to open up the sub and analyze all the new elements that they had piled in. My first discovery was a rather limp piece of cucumber that I thought had gone bad. I promptly went back to the counter and showed it to the manager. He looked at me with a ‘which planet are you from’ look and said, “Ma’am this is a pickled cucumber. It is supposed to be like this.” Well, I was a small town girl new to the big city, but I wasn’t impressed. I pulled all the pickled cucumbers out of the sub and that was that.

Then with time and more subs I realized that pickled cucumber is actually rather delicious, it just depends on which outlet you choose to eat your sub. Yes, all the outlets differ when it comes to the taste of the ingredients, their freshness and also how they are made.

However, it was only recently that I was inspired to pickle some cucumbers myself and that was after seeing this delicious Bread and Butter Pickle on the Brown Eyed Baker. That jar, of pickled cucumbers with the thin strings of onions and mustard and celery seeds, had me hypnotized. I just had to make myself a jar and it came out delicious and heavenly. Add them to your sandwiches, into your salads or pour some of that delicious vinegar into your green chutney for a different flavor, this pickle will fill your life with delicious wonder. Have fun & go pickle.

Cucumbers (thinly sliced) 2 cups

Salt ¾ tbsp.

Onion (thinly sliced) ½ cup

Granulated sugar ½ cups

White vinegar ½ cups

Apple cider vinegar ¼ cups

Brown sugar 1/8 cup

Yellow mustard seeds ¾ tbsp.

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