What Makes React Native Unique?

What Makes React Native Unique?

What is React Native?

React Native was first introduced in a Facebook inter-staff Hackathon in 2013 and made available to the public in 2015. It only took three years to become the second most popular repository on GitHub. It is still one of the most popular development frameworks, particularly for developing mobile apps for iOS and Android. React Native Course in Chennai at FITA Academy offers the best training with 100% placement assistance.

It is based on React, a JavaScript library owned and maintained by Facebook, but it is used to create user interfaces for mobile platforms rather than web browsers. Here, we will discuss what makes React Native the right choice for app development.

What Makes React Native Unique?

Reason 1: 

React Native develops applications for iOS and Android using JavaScript. It accomplishes this by rendering native APs in Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android. However, it allows developers to reuse code across the web and mobile and create apps that work across Android and iOS using the same code and underlying architecture.

Reason 2:

Another advantage of React Native is that when you build an app with it, it renders “native” mobile UI, so your app will run faster and better. Older methods of developing creative mobile applications also combined JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Reason 3:

It has many unique features to help the developers. It allows developers to preview and view changes to the app code. It enables the users to live test code and get real-time feedback.

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Reason 4:

React Native’s modular and intuitive interface increases the ability of multiple developers to make updates and upgrades to applications and create shared work streams using programmatic logic and testing scenarios.

Reason 5:

It uses most of the same code to deploy an app on both operating systems. You can save thousands of dollars and hours by developing an app. According to current estimates, 90% of React Native code can be used in Android and iOS.

Reason 6:

The React Native ecosystem contains many UI libraries that enable developers to create smooth UI experiences in the applications they build with React Native. UI libraries help developers save time by avoiding building things from scratch, allowing them to focus on innovation and creativity rather than creating and rebuilding the essential aspects of app development.

Reason 7:

React Native is a platform that enables developers to create native, cross-platform mobile apps. It has a JavaScript library that is used to develop high-performance user interfaces. 


So far, we have discussed What Makes React Native Unique? So, to have a comprehensive understanding of React Native, you can join React Native Course in Bangalore and equip yourself with its functions, components and applications.

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