Why Should Use MERN Stack for Web Application Development?

Why Should Use MERN Stack for Web Application Development?

The demand for effective web and mobile applications grows parallel with people’s dependence on technology. As a result, software developers explore different approaches to achieve a better user experience. For example, the user expects a better UI and faster response time for HTTP requests even when the network is congested. As a result, stack technology is introduced, which creates a responsive and interactive user interface and simplifies the development process. MERN stack is a popular stack technology that consists of four powerful technologies: MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node js. Join MERN Stack Training In Chennai at FITA Academy to learn more about MERN Stack Technology. It offers advanced training, certification, and job placement assistance. In this blog, let us discuss using MERN Stack for Web Application Development.

What is MERN Stack, and how does it work?

MERN Stack has four parts are MongoDB, Express, React, and Node js. MERN stack is an open-source full-stack JavaScript solution for developing mobile applications or web applications faster and more easier. MERN Stack was created to make Web application developments quicker and easier. Each component of MERN has a divined function that we must comprehend. Let’s take a look at them now.


MongoDB is a document-oriented database program that is open-source and cross-platform. It is a NoSQL database with schemas based on JSON. MongoDB features are horizontal scaling, high availability, end-to-end security, management tooling, and geographical distribution.


Express, also known as Express.js, is a backend web application framework written in Node js. It has many features that make developing web applications more accessible and faster than Node js. Express can be easily configured and customised. It helps a developer in the creation of HTTP and URL-based application routes. 


React, an open-source and free front-end JavaScript library was released by Facebook. It’s used to create interactive web application UIs (user interfaces). It manages the view layer and can generate mobile and web apps. 

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Node js is a JavaScript runtime environment for the back end that is cross-platform and open source. Node js is a V8 engine running JS code outside a web browser. A developer can use Node js to create dynamic content for web pages, collect form data, modify database data, and manage server files. 

Why Should You Use MERN Stack?

MERN Stack is an excellent choice for developers for several reasons, including:

  • MERN offers a full-stack development environment and an end-to-end development environment.
  • MERN supports the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, allowing developers to create workflows easily.
  • MERN includes testing tools that make it simple to detect errors.
  • In MERN Stack, every line of code is written in JavaScript so developers can easily integrate and work with various frameworks, whether for the client-side or server-side.
  • MongoDB works well with Node js, making storing, representing, and manipulating JSON data in web applications simpler.
  • For server-side functionality, Express encapsulates HTTP requests and responses in URL mappings.
  • React can build interactive HTML UIs and interact with remote servers.
  • The whole thing makes it easy for JSON data to flow from front to back while making it faster to build and debug.


As a result, if you want to create a low-cost, open-source app with improved performance and UI rendering, the MERN stack is a good choice. If you are interested to learn MERN Stack, join the MERN Stack Course In Chennai. It provides you with advanced training with professional faculty. So that you can develop your career. Also, it provides you with a certificate and placement assistance.

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