AWS Solution Architect Certification Preparation

AWS Exam Preparation

Myself Harsha, I have recently passed the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Solutions Architect—associate exam. I wanted to write an article on my experience while the material was still fresh in my mind to assist anyone else considering pursuing a similar certification. Join, AWS Online Course to know more about this certification. Here, in this article we will discuss about the best way to study for AWS Certification.

Schedule the exam, but take your own time to Prepare

I had a few false starts when I first went out to earn my AWS certification. I’d be fine for about a week, getting in an hour or two of study time every night, but then something would come up and throw me off. Finally, I concluded that I needed to establish a firm deadline for myself, so I scheduled the exam. This forced me to get my a&@ in gear. I was a little nervous in the days preceding up to the exam, but who knows how many more false starts I would have had if I hadn’t put the burden of a deadline on myself.

Find a study partner.

Our leadership really encourages us to become AWS certified. I have a lot of colleagues who have earned certifications, and I constantly pick their brains. Because a few of my coworkers were also studying for certification, we teamed up to study on occasion, which gave me a lot more motivation. We also discovered that a good dose of friendly competition motivated us to achieve our best.

Learn the theory and put it into practice in the labs.

AWS offers a variety of certification preparation and training options. It was tempting to rush through all of the theory material and come back to the experiments later, but I found that doing the labs right after learning the relative theory was more successful. While there are no labs on the tests, I found that doing the labs to acquire direct experience applying the theory strengthened my mental model and made it simpler to remember the content. Join AWS Training in Coimbatore at FITA Academy which will help you to enhance your technical skills practically.

Expect to see questions that aren’t the same as the ones you studied on the exam.

I answered hundreds of practice questions during my exam preparation. While the concepts and knowledge requirements were comparable, I never saw a practice question on the actual exam. In this regard, I’m not sure rote learning—repeating the same questions over and over again—will help a candidate. As a result, the sample questions were crucial to my study because when I got one wrong, I went back to the prep material to figure out why, and thereby increased my understanding.

Don’t submit unless you’re sure with the answer.

When you click Submit on a question during the exam, the answer is sent to the server and you can’t edit it. You can skip around through the questions and come back to answer them when you’re ready, as long as you don’t submit them. If you choose an option for a question, you won’t be able to move on to the next one until you’ve cleared that option.

Join Better Classes for the Preparation.

There are numerous institutes in the city that offer AWS Courses; choose the best one to learn more about AWS Certification. For the best AWS Training in Chennai, I recommend FITA Academy. They provide the best AWS Courses taught by AWS specialists. They also offer the most up-to-date practical expertise as well as placement aid. I hope that this article has provided you with an answer to your query on how to prepare for AWS certification. So plan ahead and make your goal a reality.

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